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Buchmessenempfang bei Mc Donald's, wie originell. Da ist es weniger voll und das Essen besser als bei S. Fischer.
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Zur Buchmesse: Bücher, die zum Glück noch niemand geschrieben hat
  1. "Zug um Zug: Wie Sie wieder mit dem Rauchen anfangen" (mit einem Vorwort von Helmut Schmidt)
  2. "Smalltalk vermeiden. Ein Leitfaden für alle, die keine Lust auf dummes Geschwätz haben"
  3. "150 leere Seiten – das beste Peter-Hahne-Buch aller Zeiten"
  4. "So verprügeln Sie Ihr Haustier richtig – Ein Ratgeber"
  5. "Hier wurde abgespitzt... Aus dem Leben eines Kloschmierereien-Lektors"
  6. "Hier muß noch was hin Hier muß noch was hin Hier muß noch was hin – Das große Blindtextbuch" (mit den 1000 besten Blindtexten der Welt)
  7. "Schweigen – Ein Leitfaden für alle, die sich endlich ihr dummes Geschwätz abgewöhnen wollen"
  8. "500 leere Seiten – das beste Günter-Grass-Buch aller Zeiten"
  9. "Schluck um Schluck: Wie Sie wieder mit dem Saufen anfangen" (mit Flachmann als Gimmick)
  10. "Welche Drogen man nehmen muß, um es auf der Buchmesse auszuhalten" (Anm.: Drogen müssen noch erfunden werden)
— Titanic Newsticker, 08.10.14
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And in the first place as to the opening and closing of books, let there be due moderation, that they be not unclasped in precipitate haste, nor when we have finished our inspection be put away without being duly closed. For it behoves us to guard a book much more carefully than a boot.

But the race of scholars is commonly badly brought up, and unless they are bridled in by the rules of their elders they indulge in infinite puerilities...You may happen to see some headstrong youth lazily lounging over his studies, and when the winter's frost is sharp, his nose running from the nipping cold drips down, nor does he think of wiping it with his pocket-handkerchief until he has bedewed the book before him with the ugly moisture.... He does not fear to eat fruit or cheese over an open book, or carelessly to carry a cup to and from his mouth...

But the handling of books is specially to be forbidden to those shameless youths, who as soon as they have learned to form the shapes of letters, straightway, if they have the opportunity, become unhappy commentators, and wherever they find an extra margin about the text, furnish it with monstrous alphabets, or if any other frivolity strikes their fancy, at once their pen begins to write it.
— Richard de Bury "Pilobiblon" (1345) quoted from http://askthepast.blogspot.de/2014/01/how-to-handle-books-1345.html
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So viele Bücher und null Zeit zum Lesen.
— Edward Gorey
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Pop-up-Bücher von Hans Hartung

Webseite des Pop-up-Bücher-Sammlers Hans Hartung
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John Nivens "The Second Coming" (German title: "Gott bewahre") - it is the book of the year (so far)
Politische Sprache und ihre heimliche Macht

... wiederholt sich zwar oft selbst und ist dank dem eigenwilligen Stil (das ganze Buch ist quasi ein Interview) etwas ... eigenwillig ... zu lesen - aber es brachte mich dazu, über meinen eigenen Kommunikationsstil und meinen "gesellschaftlichen Hintergrund" nachzudenken.

Außerdem beschreiben die Autoren mit Hilfe realer Beispiele (Ausschnitte von Reden von Präsidenten der USA) das Konzept des Framings, und welche Einflüsse es auf unsere Art zu denken hat.

Insgesamt sehr empfehlenswert.

Little Brother by Cory Doctorow

Just finished Little Brother, sucking in all 365 pages at once in the last few hours. Pretty good story, highly recommended read on security, liberty and the war on terror.
Well researched, lots of plainly explained technical details, probably a bit too much cryptic internet-slang for the readers who'd need this book most.

The outstanding and most convincing part of the book is the subtle description of how the countermeasures against terrorism are actually stupidly and blindly fullfilling its goal by limiting liberty through paranoia fuelled "securing" of everyday life, creating a monitored, controlled society that can no longer act self-conscious, with its individual members beeing supressed by authority and frigthened to draw attention to themselves, rendering them numbed and mute. It delivers a great sketch for everyone who arguments with "If you got nothing to hide, why be concerned of surveillance?"

Unfortunately it didn't wholly enchant me like a Dostojewski or a Kafka, didn't suck me into the story and lock me in like a Boyle or Auster do. I was always aware that i was reading a book, abutted to reality, parts of it, especially at the end, lacked the descriptive detail that forms the illusion of beeing part of, beeing inside the story. Unfortunately, Doctorow was not able to keep my full attention throughout the book, too often i was realizing that there was a world outside of the book(Though it's been a long time since i read a book of such extend at once).

Department of Homeland Security, Guantanamo, Patriot Act, Waterboarding, secret prisons, ill-tempered patriotism, "security" madness, Abu-Graib, CCTV. It is hard to write fiction when the reality seems even more fictious, it is beyond ones grasp that this is really happening. Now.

You can read the book for free online, but the hardcover, published by TOR, is worth the money.
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