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Little Brother by Cory Doctorow

Just finished Little Brother, sucking in all 365 pages at once in the last few hours. Pretty good story, highly recommended read on security, liberty and the war on terror.
Well researched, lots of plainly explained technical details, probably a bit too much cryptic internet-slang for the readers who'd need this book most.

The outstanding and most convincing part of the book is the subtle description of how the countermeasures against terrorism are actually stupidly and blindly fullfilling its goal by limiting liberty through paranoia fuelled "securing" of everyday life, creating a monitored, controlled society that can no longer act self-conscious, with its individual members beeing supressed by authority and frigthened to draw attention to themselves, rendering them numbed and mute. It delivers a great sketch for everyone who arguments with "If you got nothing to hide, why be concerned of surveillance?"

Unfortunately it didn't wholly enchant me like a Dostojewski or a Kafka, didn't suck me into the story and lock me in like a Boyle or Auster do. I was always aware that i was reading a book, abutted to reality, parts of it, especially at the end, lacked the descriptive detail that forms the illusion of beeing part of, beeing inside the story. Unfortunately, Doctorow was not able to keep my full attention throughout the book, too often i was realizing that there was a world outside of the book(Though it's been a long time since i read a book of such extend at once).

Department of Homeland Security, Guantanamo, Patriot Act, Waterboarding, secret prisons, ill-tempered patriotism, "security" madness, Abu-Graib, CCTV. It is hard to write fiction when the reality seems even more fictious, it is beyond ones grasp that this is really happening. Now.

You can read the book for free online, but the hardcover, published by TOR, is worth the money.
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